Willox Residence

Willox Residence, Hawthorne East VIC

Being a small one bedroom unit, the majority of the place is one open living space. The owner was wanting to sell, but not in its original state. A full make over was in need to prepare the home for the sale.

Originally the home was bland and boring with white just about everywhere. This was the first thing to be changed. The owner wanted to bring more colour into the place, creating a much warmer and inviting place to be in. The exterior of the property has also just been updated and wanted to have that incorporated into the design as well.

Focusing on these two ideals, deep toned Shale became veneer of choice. A feature wall in the kitchen was the area of choice, pulling the outdoor surrounds into the home in a modern way. Not only did the new wall bring much needed colour and earthy elements into the home, but also gave the illusion of added space to the open living. All in all, creating a much more welcoming place anyone would be happy to live in.