Holder Residence

Holder Residence, North Plympton SA

Although the house was fully renovated in 2004 the kitchen and second living space were in dire need of an update. As a young couple, both with a keen interest in design styles and renovation they wanted to keep with the modern poppy ‘retro’ theme without modernizing to the point of making the areas feel sterile.

Upon discover of our Brick Veneer, the decision was made to create an exposed brick wall (rather than a painted feature wall) to compliment the earthy features in the new kitchen, maintain a modern but warm fresh retro vibe and tie in nicely with the main living room. After much deliberation, Rustic veneers were the solid choice. With so much variation and pops of random colour (black from old chimney bricks or white from painted bricks) and were rustic enough to match the original 1932 restored bricks. A perfect match to the original exposed bricks of the house. You cannot tell the difference!

Once installed, they couldn’t have been happier. It looks real, it feels real, and all visitors think it is a restored brick wall. The variation in brick colour and ‘rustic-ness’ really give this wall so much character. It looks so good at night with the spot lights shining on it. It was the perfect choice to upgrade this space and compliment the kitchen area.