Brick Veneer Products

Product Tiles

There are three individual brick types we commonly use to create Brick Veneer Tiles. Each one lends the tiles a particular colour and character. View them below.


Shale has a long history in South Australia, first being mined in the Adelaide Hills dating back to the early 1880’s. The production process of these bricks only varies slightly compared with that of a traditional clay brick.

Once they come out of the kiln, shale bricks are of uniform shape with a distinctive smooth surface, often marked with fine cracks. Shales have a distinct range of colours from a subtle beige to a deep red or even purple colour, making them ideal for more modern projects like feature walls or flooring.

Sample image of a Shale brick veneer wall.


Also known as Convict bricks, Sandstock bricks were one of the first to be manufactured on a large scale, mostly created by hand. Making these bricks follows the same processes of making any other traditional clay brick, lining each mould with sand. When moulding, the clay sticks to the lining creating creases and folds as they’re shaped and compressed.

The final product is a light weight brick with a sandy exterior. Sandstock bricks have vivid colours ranging from bright orange to deep red, making them perfect for bringing a little bit of history into any project.

Sample image of a Sandstock brick veneer wall.


Since the use of bricks in construction started back in the mid 1800’s, they have been reused throughout structures for anything and everything – mostly extensions and repairs. Because of this type of use, bricks gradually become more worn and mis-shaped over time making them less and less suited for general construction. Thus, creating a new range of bricks known as Seconds.

Seconds or ‘Rustics’ as we like to call them are a combination of four different types of bricks, those being Wirecut, Pressed Red, Shale and Sandstock. This offers larger variety of textures and finishes adding a whole new level of uniqueness to the final project.

sample image of a Rustic brick veneer wall.