Our Recycled Red Brick Tile range represents 30 years of experience and refinement, in use all around Australia.

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The story of Recycled Red Brick Tiles

The concept of using old recycled house bricks to make brick tiles for feature walls was as a customer driven phenomenon. At the Old Red Brick Company we have been recycling South Australia’s unique red housing bricks for over 30 years. Throughout this journey we have found that people’s desires and tastes have shifted over time. Traditionally the majority of our red bricks were used for landscaping purposes with customers using them for driveways, patios, garden edging and garden paths. Overtime we found that more and more people wanted to use our bricks for walling purposes. It seemed that people were organically attracted to the warmth and feel of our character bricks and wanted to incorporate them with newer style builds. As this trend developed we started to receive requests for a tile type product so that people could utilize the look of our bricks, without the space or expense required to construct a masonry wall.

It was from these early requests that we began experimenting with cutting our bricks. We have since refined our technique and today are one Australia’s leading suppliers of this unique product.

We love seeing our brick tiles being used by DIY’ers and home renovators. In particular one of the ways our products has the greatest impact is when used as a feature as against a stark or minimalistic background. We also love nothing more than seeing how well a feature red brick wall works as backdrop for displaying product lines. We are very proud to have had our product specified and used by architects on a number of commercial projects across Australia. Some of the major projects were have been affiliated with include Cotton On, Ted Baker, Roll’d and Ugg Australia. Check out our case studies for more.

Benefits of Red Brick Tiles

There are many benefits to using recycled red brick tiles. A red brick feature wall created from our product can be the defining feature of new refurbishment, fitout or build. Our product adds a rustic charm that cannot be replicated by an imitation product.

Our recycled red brick tiles are created from recycled old red house bricks that are between 60 to 100 years in age. South Australian red bricks are unique in the country because of the type of clay that was used in their manufacture. This distinguishes them from varieties of bricks found in other states. A feature wall created from our bricks looks and feels like a genuine aged rustic red brick wall found in a heritage building in the heart of an old city.

Not only is our product unique in its appearance but it is also light weight. It can be shipped cost effectively and can be applied to walls constructed from lightweight building materials. Because our red brick tiles are easy to install, all that is required to build your dream feature wall is our tiles, a few basic tools, the bonding and pointing materials and the imagination to create something extraordinary.

Uses of Brick Veneer

We get a lot of questions from our customers asking what our veneers can be used for. Keeping in mind the thickness and type of veneer selected (Shale or Sandstock), they can be used in a range of different projects.


Typically smooth in texture with a strong disposition, Shale veneers are great for high contact areas such as kitchen splashbacks, feature walls and potentially even flooring, given the right conditions.
A Shale veneer tile.


Predominantly grainy in texture and light in weight, sandstock veneers are fantastic for feature walls, framing and edging both inside and out.
A Sandstock veneer tile.

Being bricks, our veneers have strong colours and textures unique to the individual type showing off their features in a stand out way. No matter what job they are used for, spotting the difference between our veneers and bricks is near impossible.

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